WATCH: Nancy Pelosi SNAPS After Katy Tur Fact Checks Her Over Trump’s “Job Loss” Numbers

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi became unglued when MSNBC’s Katy Tur correctly pointed out that major job losses under Trump can be attributed to the Covid pandemic.

“[Biden] created 9 million jobs in his term in office. Donald Trump has the worst record of job loss of any President. So we just have to make sure people know,” Pelosi said.

“There was a global pandemic,” Tur responded. Pelosi immediately looked perplexed and froze in place, looking off camera for a second. Then, she snapped.

“He had the worst record of any President!,” Pelosi shouted, raising her voice and pointing at Tur with anger. “We had other concerns in our country. If you want to be an apologist for Donald Trump, that may be your role, but it ain’t mine.

“I don’t think anybody can accuse me of that,” Tur responded as Pelosi continued to melt down.

Democrats have continued to spew their easily-debunked talking point that Trump was the “worst President in history” when it comes to jobs. They fail to recognize that every other country in the world suffered historic losses when Covid hit. This was not an isolated incident in the United States.

However as we’ve seen time after time, they will say anything they can to make the “orange man bad” argument, especially in an election year.

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