Heartbreak for Gary Sinise as Son Dies after Battle with Cancer

Tragic news struck the Sinise family as they mourned the sudden loss of Gary Sinise’s son, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, who passed away at the age of 33.

The devastating news was shared by Gary himself on the Gary Sinise Foundation’s website and his Instagram page. Mac had been bravely fighting a rare form of cancer called Chordoma since August 2018, but sadly lost his battle on January 5.

Despite facing personal health challenges and undergoing multiple spine surgeries, Mac remained resilient and pursued his passion for music. Alongside his father in the Lt. Dan Band, Mac showcased his talent as a drummer. He also graduated from the University of Southern California, studying songwriting and composition. Just before his untimely death, Mac completed work on his album titled “Resurrection & Revival.”

Gary expressed the profound grief of losing a child, acknowledging that losing a loved one is incredibly difficult. Having met many families who have lost their loved ones, particularly fallen heroes, Gary understands the heartbreak and the immense struggle.

The Sinise family’s cancer fight lasted for over five years, becoming increasingly challenging as time went on. Although they deeply miss Mac, they find comfort in knowing that he is no longer suffering. Gary is committed to honoring his son’s memory by releasing Mac’s album on vinyl.In the face of this profound loss, Gary’s words reflect the deep love and admiration he holds for his son. Mac’s legacy will continue to inspire and uplift all those who knew him. Our thoughts go out to the Sinise family during this difficult time.

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