Personally, I consider my self an alpha female. Sometimes having the traits of an alpha female can come across as intimidating, but not to worry, the alpha female is just confident in her ways and won’t change for anybody or any situation she comes across. There are definitely more up’s than downs when being considered an alpha female. If the majority of these 10 statements apply to your everyday personality and character, you can call yourself an alpha female.

1. You aren’t afraid to do things on your own. No matter what it may be, whether it’s going to the gym, going to get a bit to eat, or attending a college event, an alpha female isn’t afraid to conquer it all by herself. The alpha female knows that the only person she needs to get anything done is herself. Company is a plus but it definitely isn’t a requirement when getting anything done for the alpha.

2. You’re confident in your whole self. In today’s society, it’s hard to be completely confident in everything you are, as you are. But that confidence is what makes the alpha female stand apart from the rest of women around her. She’s confident in her actions and won’t doubt them for a second. She also doesn’t worry about what others are doing or let it get to her because she knows what she has to offer is just as good or even better.

3. You live life with a purpose. The alpha female doesn’t just go about her daily life wondering around like a lost puppy, she has determination and won’t stop until she completes what she’s set out to do. Whether the alpha female is studying hard in school to one day work in her dream career field or working for that summer body, she’s always aware of the goals she needs to put forth to get the job done.

4. You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and you never sugar coat anything. Not saying that the alpha female is a b*tch, but she does stand her ground firm when it comes to her opinions and beliefs. The alpha female will keep an open mind and listen to others opinions and value them, but she isn’t afraid to stick to her own and let them be known, too. My best friend and roommate recently told me I’m a very blunt person but it comes across as being real. Being blunt can scare some away, but if it means I’m being real in what I believe, then I wouldn’t mind scaring a few off.

5. You know when it’s time to let go. An alpha female knows what makes her grow and what doesn’t. Because the alpha female isn’t afraid of change, they aren’t afraid of saying adios to the people who no longer add value or purpose to her life. Sometimes the alpha female will cut you off like cold turkey, not because she doesn’t like you, but simply because she moves quickly through life and accepts change as it comes.

6. You aren’t afraid of new experiences. The words new experience could intimidate people because new experiences entail a great amount of risk and a world of unknown. But those things that may keep people from having new experiences are the things that MAKE the alpha female want to venture off into the world. An alpha female knows there’s a lot to offer in the world and doesn’t feel the need to hold back from new and exciting adventures that might come her way.

7. You get sh*t done. Procrastination could linger in the alpha females vocabulary but when it comes to getting her sh*t together, she doesn’t hesitate. When an alpha female wants to get something done, she does it, and she does it to the best of her ability.

8. You’re assertive. Being assertive is something I’ve been my entire life. From my 3rd grade math class, I was always asking hundreds of questions, maybe because I just don’t understand math, but that’s not the point. The point is I was never afraid to search for what I was looking for and I was always assertive in my ways of acquiring knowledge, up front. Recently I took a trip to New York City with my best friends. In the city, you have to stand on the very edge of the sidewalk and get a taxi. Almost every time I was the one dangling my arm out into the street yelling “HELLOOOO TAXIIIIII,” and I had absolutely no problem doing it. Being assertive comes natural to an alpha female.

9. You never give up. The term giving up isn’t anything the alpha female would consider. If an alpha female has something she wants, she won’t stop until she gets it. Determination and success over power the words give up. Whenever I want something, no matter what it may be, unless it’s simple and petty because then I don’t bother, I will do all in my power to acquire it. For example, my dream is to become a reporter because I’m interested in others and the world that goes on around us. Giving up because of obstacles or hardships doesn’t cross my mind. If an alpha female wants something she’ll go after it with everything she’s got.

10. You have a strong mind. Strong minds overpower anything. Someone can have an incredible talent but if they don’t have a strong mind to push themselves in the right direction, they won’t get very far. The alpha female has a mind stronger than a UFC fighter and is very aware of everything she’s thinking and all of her actions.

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