Unsettling and Bizarre Encounters

Have you ever had a truly creepy experience? Here are some chilling tales: A barbecue party ended with expired potato salad causing everyone to get sick.

A woman ate raw chicken daily at a bus stop. On the metro, someone blew their nose into their dreadlocks.

At a library, a man clipped his dirty nails. In a park, a homeless man left a rotting mass in a newspaper. A mom let her daughter sneeze into her mouth. On a train, someone flossed their teeth and wiped earwax on their pants.

In a food court, a woman changed her baby’s diaper on a table. At a hospital, a homeless man hid money in an abdominal abscess.

On the subway, a man ate gum from the floor. At a burger joint, a cockroach crawled from under a bun.

Lastly, a woman wore flip-flops revealing deep foot fissures on a rainy day. Have you ever had a creepy experience? Share it with us!

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