REPORT: Adam Schiff Ineligibly Voted, Committed Fraud

U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat seeking a Senate position, faces serious allegations of voter and mortgage fraud. Detailed accusations imply that Schiff might have been concurrently registered in California and Maryland, sparking concerns about his legal compliance and potential criminal behavior regarding voting and mortgages.

Reportedly, Schiff falsely declared a Maryland residence as his primary home on multiple mortgage refinancing applications from 2009 to 2013, despite his significant political connections and duties in California. This behavior mirrors patterns observed in other high-profile cases, including the recent conviction of former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby for similar discrepancies regarding residential claims in Maryland.

Comparisons to Congressman Steve Watkins (R-KS), who encountered legal issues over a similar matter, intensified scrutiny. Schiff defended his actions by attributing the Maryland home designation to an oversight, stating that he repaid exempt taxes to the state during a 2009 House Ethics investigation.

However, Schiff’s eligibility for a Senate seat may be jeopardized, as dual residency claims conflict with electoral domicile requirements. California law defines voting domicile as a fixed habitation and an intent to return, potentially implicating Schiff in fraudulent registration and illegal voting.

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