WATCH: Trump Lawyer Humiliates Ketanji Brown Jackson During Immunity Arguments At SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court met on Thursday to hear arguments regarding former President Donald Trump’s immunity claims, during which an attorney for the president dunked on Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson after she suggested immunity would create a “worse problem” for the country.

Audio of the interaction circulating on X shows attorney D. John Sauer schooling Justice Jackson on the history of presidential expectations around criminal culpability.

“We view the prosecution of a chief executive as something that everybody cried out against,” he told the court, referencing writings by Benjamin Franklin and President George Washington’s fear of “factional strife” leading to an unconstitutional prosecution of a current or former president.

“If the potential for criminal liability is taken off the table, wouldn’t there be a significant risk that future presidents would be emboldened to commit crimes with abandon while they’re in office?” she asked him, citing a past decision that said presidents “might” be prosecuted.

“That might be what has kept this office from turning into the kind of crime center that I’m envisioning,” she said.

“I respectfully disagree with that, because the regime you’ve described is the one we’ve operated under for over 234 years,” Sauer shot back.


President Trump, who remains stuck in New York court throughout his hush money trial, is eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on a matter that could potentially throw out every case against him. The Republican has maintained his innocence and argued in repeated cases that he is immune both from actions taken in office as well as in subsequent private life.

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